If something were to go wrong with your website today, would you be able to restore your site to a known state? Just having a backup is not enough. Backing up your website is just the first step, you should be able to restore your website to various points in time. If you check your website once a month, you should probably backup your website weekly. Therefore if you introduced an issue that wasn’t noticed for 2 weeks, you would still have 2 backups that you can revert to in case you are unable to resolve the issue quickly. If you are wondering how to do this, don’t stress. WordPress has a great plugin named UpdraftPlus that can do all of these things plus more, for free!

What is UpdraftPlus?

UpdraftPlus is a WordPress backup plugin, that you can use to recover from user error, errors caused from plugin updates, and server issues.

Why UpdraftPlus?

1. Easy to use – UpdraftPlus is installed just like every other WordPress plugin. The user interface is simple and provides informative messaging and warnings to ensure informed decisions during configuration.

2. Database, plugins, and theme files are backed up separately – While this may be underrated, having your files backed up separately enables you to restore only the files that are breaking your site. This allows you to mix and match backups from various times, minimizing data loss and rework.

3. Scheduled backups – With UpdraftPlus, you can schedule how often backups are taken and specify how many backups are retained. Along with scheduling these backups, you can specify a remote location to store them (Google Drive, Dropbox, AWS, and more). We strongly advise storing your backups remotely. Backups stored on your server itself, are only accessible when your server is running. Therefore if your server is down or hacked, your backups are useless.

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