Previously in my “React-Redux for Newbies” series I discussed the value of using Redux in a React app and provided a high level overview of reducers. In this article I will cover Redux actions and the role they play in a React-Redux environment. If you need a refresher about why applications use Redux or the...
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redux reducer
In the first part of my “React-Redux for Newbies” series we discussed why Redux is used. In short, Redux simplifies state management in React applications. For this installment, we will dive into the inner workings of Redux and discuss reducers. This article will explain what a Redux reducer is and how it works within React....
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why redux is used
Over the past 3 months, I have been working exclusively with React-Redux to build a web application. Initially the learning curve was steep. I had to get more familiar with javascript, learn React-Redux, and get familiar with an existing codebase. Working in an existing codebase as a novice can be a gift and a curse....
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