TG4 Solutions is a business consulting agency that prides itself on helping clients make smarter decisions faster. We believe that the partnership we establish with our clients helps them to do one or more of the following:
  • Save money
  • Increase efficiency
  • Make money

In this article we will discuss how we helped a baseball training facility do all three.

Problem Statement

The baseball facility contacted us to inquire about our mobile app development services. During our initial consultation, we obtained a better understanding of why they wanted a mobile application.

  1. Trainers were having issues scheduling sessions as all bookings were handled via text message
  2. They wanted to share video content with clients through a private portal

Understanding the why behind our client’s ask, enables us to provide suggestions and helps us to maximize our client’s return on investment.

Understand the Business Impact

Once we confirmed the reasoning behind our client’s ask for a mobile app, we were able to dig deeper into the impact of the issues they wanted us to solve. By not having a scheduling system that customer’s could use 24/7 to schedule appointments, the baseball facility was missing out on about 10 training sessions a week. This loss equated to about $350 a week on missed bookings, primarily due to the back and forth nature required to schedule appointments through text message. Next we were able to identify that the video portal was a nice to have and more of a stretch goal for the facility.

Scope of Work

With the problem identified and the business impact understood, we needed to outline the scope of work for this solution. In this scenario, we advised our client to  improve their existing website instead of developing a mobile app for two reasons.

  1. Developing a mobile app is a large investment that they weren’t ready to make due to cost and time constraints.
  2. The website could serve as way to gather consumer insights on what features could be included in a mobile app if they decided to get an app developed in the future.

Our solution included adding a booking feature to the website to eliminate the scheduling issues they were dealing with. The booking solution also needed to integrate directly with Google Calendar and have two-way integration where changes on their calendar would update availability on the website. Simplifying the effort required to maintain their personal and work calendars for the benefit of their business.

Business Value

Our proposed solutions, once developed provided the following benefits for our client:

  1. Saved them at least $8,000 in development cost
  2. Increased bookings by 15%
  3. Trainers gained about 3 hours a week since they no longer had to actively manage their schedule


At TG4 Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping our clients solve their problems and not just selling services. Instead of just providing a quote, we take time to understand your problem and deliver solutions that best suit your needs, timeline, and budget. Want to work with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for new partnerships and problems to solve that will be of value to you.

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