In our previous post, we discussed how to create a Madden NFL 19 GroupMe chatbot free. Today we will discuss the technology that drives it. In order to run our chatbot, we need the following: a database to house our league data, a code repository for our code, and a web server to run our application.

How we store our league data

To store our Madden NFL 19 connected franchise data we decided to use Google Firebase’s Realtime Database. This is a cloud hosted NoSQL database. We chose to use this platform because of its free tier and easy integration with JSON; especially since the league data we export from the Madden Companion app is already in the JSON format.

Where we store our code

In order to allow our developers to work on the codebase together, we uploaded our source code to a public Github repo. We decided to make our project open source so that anyone can use or improve our Madden GroupMe chatbot. With any public Github repo being free, it makes a great resource for open source projects and personal portfolios.

Where we host our Madden GroupMe chatbot

The final piece to our chatbot architecture is a web server to host our application. This is where Heroku comes into play. Heroku is a cloud platform as a service that has a free tier which we used to host our GroupMe chatbot. Heroku even integrates with Github so that you can seamlessly deploy new versions of your application.


The technology behind our free Madden GroupMe chatbot is a perfect example of how developing a fun application doesn’t have to be expensive! By using the three tools we mentioned in this post, you can complete numerous projects without spending any penny.

Looking to implement our bot for your league? Contact us, we would love to help you.

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