Our May 2020 release includes changes that increase the frequency of data updates and improves the relevancy of search results when searching for sneakers by name.

What’s new in the May 2020 release

Since the initial release of our API, we have made the following updates:

  • Daily Upload of Sneakers – Starting in our May 2020 release, new sneakers will be added daily instead of monthly.
  • Implemented Fuzzy Search – Before updating our search functionality, our API only included a contains search. While easy to implement it is less forgiving when searching for data. Understanding that pain point we implemented a new search engine that should provide more relevant search results.
  • Enabled HTTPS – The Sneaker Database API is now accessible via HTTPS.

To learn more about our API, check out our swagger documentation.

What’s coming

In our next release, we plan to deliver a new version of our API that will include:

  • Current Market Value – The current resale value for each sneaker as of the current day.
  • Links to Purchase – Links to boutiques and/or sites where sneakers can be purchased.

We welcome your input

We will continue to grow the dataset that powers our Sneaker Database API. If we are missing data that is needed for your solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for ways to make our data more robust so that you can spend more time developing your solution.

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