We are proud to announce that Version 2 of our API is now available. With that being said, let’s jump into what’s new and what you can expect in upcoming releases.

What’s new in version 2

Version 2 of The Sneaker Database API contains over 100,000 sneakers from 20+ brands. Providing a more robust and diverse collection of sneakers. Not only have we added additional sneakers, we have also updated the attributes being returned for each sneaker. In version 2 we have made the following changes to our sneaker model:

  1. Renamed the “shoe” attribute to “silhouette” to more accurately reflect its purpose
  2. Removed the “title” attribute in favor of using the “name” attribute solely
  3. Renamed the “year” attribute to “releaseYear” in order to be more explicit
  4. Renamed the “media” attribute to “image” along with updating the child properties
  1. Added links to resell sites (stockx, goat, and flight club)
  2. Added a description for each sneaker
  3. Added estimated market value for each sneaker

What about version 1

We will continue to support V1 of our api, however no future development or enhancements will be made. Version 1 is a great resource for side projects and school projects.

For those looking to transition from V1 to V2, there is one major callout regarding the ids. The ids in V1 are different than the ids in V2, which can cause issues for applications that store a reference to sneakers on their end using the id. Please contact us if this impacts you. We have built a transition script to resolve this pain point.

What’s to come

While all of the new features and attributes are exciting, we don’t just want to stop there. In the upcoming weeks we intend to add more brands, UPCs, and new endpoints.

We are always open to suggestions and feedback, so please let us know how we can improve our solution and offerings.

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