Having a successful YouTube channel for musicians is important. YouTube has 30+ million active users daily and the average viewing session for a YouTube user is 40 minutes. Producing quality content along with having an optimized channel will enable musicians to capture and monetize new fans. In this post, we will discuss 3 things all musicians must do in order to have a successful YouTube channel.

Upgrade to an official YouTube Artist channel

An official YouTube artist channel will allow artists to do the following:

  1. Simplify content organization: The official artist channel will automatically organize your discography into an album section and place official music videos  into a new playlist.
  2. Increase discoverability: During artist specific searches, fans will be linked directly to your official artist channel from your watch card.
  3. Refine promotional message: Artists can highlight content in the designated promotional section and select a video to feature.

Visit YouTube to learn more about YouTube for Artist.

Upload all of your music to YouTube

Uploading all of your music to YouTube will provide opportunities for new fans to discover your music. 80% of YouTube users are from outside of the United States. Don’t just stop at uploading your music. Optimize each track’s chance for being discovered by following these search engine optimization tips:

  1. Include your artist name in the title
  2. Put the word “video” in the title of music videos
  3. Performance video should include the venue name and date

To get more YouTube SEO tips visit CD Baby.

Understand how YouTube works

Finally, in order to have a truly successful YouTube channel you must understand how YouTube works. Understand what metrics matter (e.g. watch time) and be knowledgeable of what resources the platform provides. Knowing the inner workings will help you to make the best decisions for your situation and to achieve your goals more efficiently. For this reason, YouTube created a course specifically to help musicians.


YouTube is a great platform for artist to build their fanbase. They have a ton of daily active users that spend quality time on their platform. Take the information and resources captured in this article and make the most of your YouTube channel.

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Note: YouTube statistics provided by Omnicore Agency.

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