Are your blog titles boring? Learn the truth with this free tool.

Engaging blog titles are the backbone to any blog. After spending hours or even days creating content, the last thing you want is for it not to be read. A lot of quality content is never discovered on the web today, simply because the title is not engaging. Titles drive engagement and capture attention. While quality content reinforces that your title is not only click worthy, but comes with substance. Increasing the possibility of obtaining returning visitors. Still the question remains, how do you write engaging titles? While looking for the answer to this question, we stumbled across a free headline analyzer tool provided by CoSchedule.

What is a headline analyzer?

CoSchedule combined all of the strategies and guidelines they follow when writing headlines and titles into a simple tool that anyone can use. Enter your title, press analyze now, and in a few seconds a score will be generated  along with a detailed report analyzing the supplied title. The provided report analyzes word balance, title length, and displays a preview of how your headline would be displayed in a google search and in an email.

Why we use a headline analyzer?

CoSchedule’s headline analyzer helps you to understand what components are needed to compose a great title. Through frequent use, you will become more cognizant of SEO, persuasive writing, and platform constraints (Character limits on email previews).

Extra resources.

We understand that knowing what to fix is just as important as how to fix it. Therefore you can find some resources below that we use to improve our headlines.

Still have questions? Contact us and we will walk you through it step by step.

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